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Sony Rolly outside Japan

Sony's dancing robot named Rolly is a
combination of digital-music player and portable speaker set.

As the Rolly plays a song stored in its 2 gigabytes of flash memory, it can also spin itself around and flap the covers of its speakers in tune to the beat.

You can also remotely control Rolly from a Bluetooth phone, and you can program it with new dance steps. It's supposed to go on sale sometime in the first half of this year in the US; Sony won't name a price, but a publicist suggested that $500 could be a reasonable estimate.

Rolly is coming to the United States this spring. The little egg packed with all kinds of abilities, not the least of which is playing MP3 or AAC files via Bluetooth with A2DP off of its 2GB (which is an improvement on the Japanese version's 1GB) of flash memory. No price right now.


  • 2GB internal memory Connect/Charge via USB 2.0
  • Bluetooth 2.0 (to receive music)
  • Editable Motion (software is provided)
  • Battery 3.7V 1560 mAh (5:00 of music playback, 4:30 with streaming Bluetooth music, 4:00 of music and motion, 3:30 Bluetooth streaming and motion)
  • Music format: MP3, ATRAC, AAC up to 300+ kbps
  • 104×65×65mm, 300g

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